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Hope Notes – Enewsletter

Save the Date: The 43rd Annual Ben & Betty Zarda Family Golf Classic

A Snow Ball Special Message from Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

Creative Planning Serves Both Ends of Financial Spectrum

October 2023: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

A Blooming Gesture of Generosity

A “Win-Win” Partnership

Empowering Women in Need: How Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI) Makes a Difference

Our Shelves Are Close to Empty

September 2023 Volunteer Opportunities

Dedicated Staff & Volunteers Provide 38,326 Meals to Kids in Need

Operation Shower Blessing Now Available at Our WyCo FSC

New Roots Program Expands & Rebrands

August 2023 Volunteer Opportunities

Catholic Social Teaching: Solidarity

Hope Hero Shout-Out: Back-to-School Supply Drives Provide Hope for Kids

Become an Employer Partner: Join Forces with Employment Services, a Workforce Program

Academics & Acclimation: Refugee School Impact’s 2023 Summer Camp Program

Catholic Social Teaching: The Call to Family (Community and Participation)

Helping Our Neighbors in Need: Ways to Make a Difference

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