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TurnStyles Thrift2019-04-17T20:36:31-05:00

Mon-Fri 10am-8pm / Sat 10am-6pm

TurnStyles Thrift News

Highest Bidders Aren’t the Only TurnStyles eBay Winners

Pat Urnise has always found value in upcycled items. Couple that with his ability to fix things, it’s no wonder that his wife thought she found him the perfect volunteer opportunity with the TurnStyles Thrift eBay team. Turns out that she was right. Nine years later, Pat continues to be involved, serving as the eBay volunteer leader. eBay has become a thriving part of TurnStyles. Since its inception in 2006, sales have brought in $468,000. The team expects to hit the half a million-dollar milestone by year-end. “The mission of the team is to generate needed funds to support Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas in their fulfillment of Jesus Christ’s mission to assist neighbors in need in our community,” said Pat. On average, the [...]

July 31, 2019|

Experience the Impact of Catholic Charities with a Bus Tour

Join Catholic Charities of Northeast Kanas for coffee, bagels and an interactive bus tour. Experience firsthand the impact of your generosity on Catholic Charities in our community. During the tour, you’ll be able to engage with Catholic Charities leadership and travel to its local mission operations to learn about a variety of its ministries, including Pregnancy Counseling & Adoption, Emergency Assistance Centers, Food Pantries, TurnStyles Retail Thrift Stores, Shalom House Men’s Shelter, Refugee & Immigration Services, Catholic Community Hospice and more! Check our website for upcoming tour dates. RSVP is required.  

February 28, 2019|

Volunteers Needed as TurnStyles Thrift Expands

Catholic Charities is excited to share that a third TurnStyles Thrift store has opened! Located at 5304 Martway Street, Mission, KS, the store features clothing and accessories only. Lots of volunteers are needed now to keep this store running smoothly. Volunteer roles include serving as cashiers, apparel hangers and taggers, accessory merchandisers and to accept and process donations.

Information is also available on our TurnStyles Volunteer page.

For a list of accepted items see our Donation List.

TurnStyles Thrift Store booths at the Mission Road Antique Mall


Your household item donations support the many programs and services of Catholic Charities, such as our Emergency Assistance Centers.



Martway in Mission


87th Street


135th & Nieman





TurnStyles would not be the success it is today without our incredibly loyal and passionate volunteers. Volunteers make up 95 percent of the operation of TurnStyles.

Home Health Aides at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas


By shopping at TurnStyles thrift stores, you are not only getting great bargains on new or gently used merchandise, you are also supporting your neighbors in need.

Due to the success of the TurnStyles in Overland Park, we have opened a second location in Olathe. A wide variety of items can be found at both stores, ranging from clothing to furniture to electronics.

We Sell These Items

As with any thrift store, you never know what you’ll find at TurnStyles. You can find high quality designer items or that funky conversation piece. TurnStyles has it here! Here are some examples of the types of items we sell:

  • Clothing/Shoes – women’s, men’s and children’s
  • Jewelry – gold and sterling silver items, costume jewelry
  • Furniture – couches, love-seats and chairs; dressers, end tables, dining room tables and chairs and more
  • Sports – sports equipment, camping and outdoor items
  • Luggage – all types of luggage, backpacks, lunch bags, computer bags
  • Electronics – TVs, DVD players, stereos, radios, cameras, phones
  • Books – a wonderful library of adult, teen and children’s books, fiction and non-fiction
  • Housewares – coffee pots, blenders, dishes, kitchen and bath accessories, linens
  • Gifts/Miscellaneous – collectibles and mementos, stationary, office accessories

We also sell select, specialty items that have been donated to TurnStyles on eBay.