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VITA Program Renews Hope and Eases Burdens

In our VITA program, we are fortunate to partner with Benedictine College. We have a great group of volunteers and interns from the school. VITA gives them an opportunity to hone their accounting skills while serving their community. As volunteer tax preparers, they have seen first-hand the extreme poverty some of our brothers and sisters [...]

VITA Program Renews Hope and Eases Burdens2019-01-24T11:27:27-05:00

Prayer for a More Generous Heart Leads to Major Gift

Michael Shirley grew up with humble means. His parents were the product of the Great Depression and barely had the resources to care for their family. “They taught me early to save everything that I could,” says Michael. “They taught me to be frugal.” It was his mother, Irene, who grew up in an orphanage [...]

Prayer for a More Generous Heart Leads to Major Gift2018-11-20T16:37:53-05:00

No Gift – or Giver – Too Small

Hope Hero Shout Out! Four-year-old Joslyn bounced through the doors at Catholic Charities pulling a wagon twice the size of her small frame. Days earlier, Joslyn had been pulling that same wagon through her neighborhood collecting food to donate to our Emergency Assistance Centers. Quiet and unassuming, Joslyn didn't quite know why all the fuss [...]

No Gift – or Giver – Too Small2018-10-01T17:10:33-05:00

Afghans for Hospice Patients are a Labor of Love

Jane Godar Kreiter, a member of Church of the Ascension in Overland Park, has made more than 200 lap afghans for hospice patients. LEAVEN PHOTO BY JOE MCSORLEY by Carol Cowdrey Special to The Leaven OVERLAND PARK — Jane Godar Kreiter, a parishioner at Church of the Ascension here, learned to knit when [...]

Afghans for Hospice Patients are a Labor of Love2018-10-01T15:41:57-05:00

Barbara and Steve’s Hope Story: Asking for Help

Barbara and Steve are a couple in their 60s, and both are disabled. Steve was a social worker, but had to retire early due to heart disease. Barbara is a retired school teacher struggling with cancer. Together, they owe over $50,000 in medical fees, and are behind on those payments. They’ve tried to sell their [...]

Barbara and Steve’s Hope Story: Asking for Help2018-09-10T11:32:36-05:00

Refugee Summer School Program Impacts Students and Volunteers

The following is a reflection written by Andrea Curnes, a St. James Academy high school student who volunteered with our Refugee School Impact (RSI) Summer Program. The program collaborates with community partners, other Catholic Charities’ programs and volunteers to help prepare newly arrived refugee children for school in America. I had an incredible experience working [...]

Refugee Summer School Program Impacts Students and Volunteers2018-08-27T14:39:03-05:00

Beth’s Hope Story: Achieving Goals

Hi, my name is Beth and this is my hope story... I started the Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas Family Financial TransformationsTM program back in December. I am a single mom of three kids and had been struggling with my finances for the past few months. In December, I came to Catholic Charities to enroll [...]

Beth’s Hope Story: Achieving Goals2018-08-27T16:00:00-05:00

Laura’s Hope Story: Settling In

Laura is the mother of five children. Her husband is currently incarcerated and is not due to be released for at least two years. She had a hard time keeping up with bills while trying to juggle a job and taking care of her kids. She ended up losing her job because her car had [...]

Laura’s Hope Story: Settling In2018-05-21T09:33:30-05:00

Janet and Mic’s Hope Story: Welcome to Town

My name is Janet and I'm married to Mic, and this is our hope story. We came to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas because we were homeless and staying in a local shelter. We were from out of state and searching for employment and housing. The shelter suggested we contact Catholic Charities for assistance. I'm [...]

Janet and Mic’s Hope Story: Welcome to Town2018-05-25T12:45:33-05:00

Share the Journey: St. Agnes Rams Reaching Out Day

 For the fourth straight year, over 300 students at St. Agnes Catholic School dedicated a day of service, Rams Reaching Out Day, to benefit the many ministries of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Divided among the 21+ programs at Catholic Charities, a large group of students sorted over 1600 lbs of food at the Hope Distribution [...]

Share the Journey: St. Agnes Rams Reaching Out Day2018-05-03T13:54:16-05:00