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Catholic Identity Statement

We are a Roman Catholic Organization. Founded by the Roman Catholic Church to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas looks to Sacred Scripture and the traditions and teachings of the Church to guide its mission, to inform its decisions and to inspire its people in their acts of service to others.

We embrace the broadest definition of “who is my neighbor.” Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas provides services to the most vulnerable, regardless of age, gender, race or ethnicity, disability or creed.

We respect the religious diversity of the people we serve. Our neighbors in need will never be subjected to proselytism in exchange for needed services and programs. We believe that the best witness of the God we serve is the unconditional love that we share with those who come to our doors for help. They can expect to find an environment that is open and welcoming to all while reflecting the traditions of our Catholic faith.

We welcome people of all faiths to join us in service. We value ecumenism and collaboration and we respect the spirituality of each person. Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas does not expect those that join us in service to share our religious beliefs. We do expect our beliefs to, in turn, be respected and we expect those who join us in our mission to uphold our values and moral tenets in carrying out their work.

We recognize the importance of personal and communal worship. In order to love unconditionally, we believe that those who join us in our ministries must have opportunities to refresh their spirit, to deepen their faith and to celebrate the joy that comes from serving others. To that end, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas will strive to create an atmosphere of peace and unity by making available time for prayer, study, worship and fellowship that are open to all.

We are inspired by God’s love and compassion to provide unconditional love and necessary help to people of all faiths by stabilizing and strengthening individuals and families in need across the 21 counties of northeast Kansas. (Our Mission)

We animate the Gospel of Jesus Christ by putting love into action. (Our Purpose)

We see a world where our neighbors who are challenged by mind, body and spirit, find the open doors of Catholic Charities in their communities and are met with help, hospitality and hope. 

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Our History

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, a member of Catholic Charities USA and a ministry of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, has served our community for over 65 years.