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Families Growing and Serving Together

A Call to Service

At Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, we believe that living the Christian life means caring for our neighbors. Our faith calls us into community as active contributors. This is true for all ages, from the smallest child to the oldest adult.

We invite you to answer the call to serve by helping children learn about the needs of our community, encouraging them to grow in empathy and finding opportunities to serve as a family.

Who can volunteer?

Children of all ages grasp the idea of helping others. St. Teresa of Calcutta said, “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the action that we do.” Your family can start by helping people in your immediate family, extended family, neighborhood, church and school. The possibilities are all around you. You can start serving as a family when your children are young, but the service looks different depending on their age.

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas offers many volunteer opportunities for families. Like most organizations, we have age limits for safety reasons for most of our volunteer opportunities. However, we have provided a variety of activities for all ages in our free downloadable Family Service Packet, Families Growing and Serving Together.

How You & Your Family Can Put Love Into Action

  • Learn about ways that families can put love into action and serve our community.
  • Pray for the poor and vulnerable in our community and for the success of Catholic Charities programs.
  • Support Catholic Charities with a monetary gift.
  • Support Catholic Charities by hosting a food drive or collecting donations for one of our 30+ programs.
  • Connect with us to find the best volunteer fit for your family.
  • Be a voice on behalf of the poor and vulnerable through participation in Kansas Catholic Conference advocacy efforts.
  • Refer someone who needs help to Catholic Charities.

Tips for Volunteering with Children

  • Deliver donations of goods or money to Catholic Charities in-person with your kids, so they can better internalize how they helped make a difference.
  • Talk about your family’s service experience, discuss what you did, why you did it, how it felt and what you learned. Make a connection between serving others and your faith and values. Build on your kids’ enthusiasm and choose your next service project together.
  • Remember to start small and be patient – making a difference can be slow. You may not change the entire world, but you can help change a small part of your community!

Love One Another

The Works of Mercy are found in the teachings of Jesus (Matthew 25:35-40) and have long been part of the Christian tradition.
They can guide families in growing in service to our neighbors and in the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Corporal Works of Mercy
  1. Feed the Hungry 
  2. Give Drink to the Thirsty
  3. Clothe the Naked 
  4. Shelter the Homeless
  5. Visit the Sick
  6. Visit the Imprisoned
  7. Bury the Dead
Spiritual Works of Mercy
  1. Instruct the Ignorant
  2. Counsel the Doubtful
  3. Correct Sinners
  4. Bear Wrongs Patiently
  5. Forgive Offenses Willingly
  6. Comfort the Afflicted
  7. Pray for the Living & Dead
Download Our Family Service Activity Packet

This booklet is designed to help parents find ways to serve with their children. Some of these projects can be done for Catholic Charities but you can also choose to do them for another charity of your choice. Get started by recognizing that there is need all around us, that you have something to contribute and you should. Volunteering is important but it can also be fun.