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Mobile Food Distribution

Fighting the epidemic of hunger by feeding hungry communities

Fighting Food Insecurity

The community has additional access to healthy perishable foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables and refrigerated items, through Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas’ Mobile Food Distribution. 

With the assistance of volunteers and food supplied from Harvesters Food Bank, we are able to feed nearly 100 families and individuals every half hour at every single food distribution!

Every third Saturday of the month

Harmon High School Parking Lot

2400 Steele Road, Kansas City, KS 66106

Every fourth Tuesday of the month

Christ Community Church Parking Lot

20600 W 119TH Street, Olathe, KS 66061

How it Works

Mobile Food Distribution Timeline

8-9 a.m. (Harmon High School Location); 8:30-9:30 a.m. (Olathe Location)

  • Catholic Charities employees and a truck full of food arrive at the outdoor Mobile Food Distribution site.  


9-10 a.m. 

  • Pallets of food are sorted and unloaded. 
  • Volunteers begin to arrive at 9 a.m. (Olathe Location)
  • Volunteers begin to arrive at 10 a.m. (Harmon High School Location)
  • Traffic is directed so that there are two lanes running down the middle of the parking lot. 
  • Cars begin to arrive. Carpooling is allowed.


9-11 a.m. (Olathe Location); 10 a.m. – noon (Harmon High School Location)

  • Cars begin to drive down the parking lot to receive food. 
  • Catholic Charities employees and volunteers place boxes of food into car trunks. Trunks of the vehicle must be completely empty to receive a box of food.
  • Cars are served until food runs out. Food is distributed on a first come, first served basis.


Any individual or family can come; no identification is required. The only condition is that anyone that comes to a Mobile Food Distribution must arrive in a car with an empty trunk.

Yes, you may receive food at any of our Mobile Food Distributions even if you have recently been to a food pantry at one of our Family Support Centers or Hope Distribution Center. You may even receive food at both the Kansas City, Kansas and the Olathe Mobile Food Distributions in the same month. Mobile Food Distribution is an excellent way to supplement your household’s food and stretch your budget.

Our recommendation is that you carpool with friends, family or neighbors. Multiple households can be served from a single vehicle, as long as at least one adult from each household is present. We have limited ability to serve those who cannot arrive in a vehicle.

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas purchases food from local food banks, such as Harvesters, and may supplement with food donated to our Hope Distribution Center.

The food distributed includes perishable items such as fruits, vegetables and even dairy items. Every Mobile Food Distribution serves different food based on availability. Due to the volume of people we serve, we do not customize the types of food received by each household. If you do not like an item that you receive, please consider sharing with friends, family or neighbors.

Food is distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Notices of cancellation will be posted via Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas social media channels. Physical signs will also be placed around the Mobile Food Distribution sites. 

There are contingency plans for certain weather-related circumstances. These will also be shared via social media and a physical sign at the distribution site.

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Volunteer With Us

Do you want to make a difference in our community? Sign up to volunteer! Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas depends on our dedicated volunteers to provide much-needed services to our neighbors in need.

Mobile Food Distribution is an excellent service opportunity for families and groups. Volunteers for Mobile Food Distribution are managed using a Sign Up Genius link. Check out our volunteer page to get started!