CCNEK Topeka Supports Senior Community Wellness Fair

In honor of National Older American's Month, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas has joined with Capitol City Community Church of God to sponsor a Senior Community Wellness Fair, Saturday, May 5th. There were representatives from a variety of different businesses and organization that all provide services to older Americans. Nutritious recipes were prepared by K-State [...]

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Francesa’s Hope Story: From Stressed to Blessed

Francesa’s son, Mateo fell at school and hurt his head severe enough that she was advised to take to him the ER. Mateo did not have insurance because he was not yet eligible for Medicaid because of his immigration status. Francesa had received a $1,500 hospital bill. She was worried that she couldn’t pay it [...]

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Alessia’s Hope Story: Prenatal Care

Alessia, a Napoli interpreter, gave birth to a stillborn baby boy at nine months gestation. She had not received proper prenatal care. She began working with our Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI) team in our Wyandotte County office as an interpreter. As part of the PMI program, staff provides free, monthly pre-natal monitoring, parenting support, community referrals [...]

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Nora’s Hope Story: A Healthy Future

Nora came into one of our Emergency Assistance Centers (EAC) needing our help.  She had worked as a home health aide, but was unemployed because the person she was taking care of had recently died.  A diabetic with hypertension, Nora was unable to purchase the medication she needed to stay healthy. In fact, she had [...]

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