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Hope Hero Shout Out! “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” ― Sherry Anderson Each month over 1,600 volunteers play a crucial role in helping Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas serve those in need throughout our 21 county service area. Whether they volunteer daily, weekly, monthly or help with a [...]


Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas is celebrating Interpreter Appreciation Week!

Interpreters at Catholic Charities provide an extremely important service, allowing the refugee clients we serve to communicate with our staff in their first language. When a refugee arrives in Kansas City, one of the first people they’ll meet is an interpreter, who’s there at the airport to greet the client, welcome them to Kansas City, [...]

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas is celebrating Interpreter Appreciation Week!2019-03-07T12:51:36-05:00

St James Academy Builds a Way to Help Feed the Hungry

It may have been cold outside, but inside St James Academy the annual Canstruction competition was heating up. For weeks prior, students brought in canned food, cereal and boxes of Mac & Cheese in preparation for the event. Then, each school community banded together to erect a structure from their food contributions. With every "canned [...]

St James Academy Builds a Way to Help Feed the Hungry2019-02-28T09:18:56-05:00

Experience the Impact of Catholic Charities with a Bus Tour

Join Catholic Charities of Northeast Kanas for coffee, bagels and an interactive bus tour. Experience firsthand the impact of your generosity on Catholic Charities in our community. During the tour, you’ll be able to engage with Catholic Charities leadership and travel to its local mission operations to learn about a variety of its ministries, including [...]

Experience the Impact of Catholic Charities with a Bus Tour2019-02-28T09:14:38-05:00


It’s that time of year when the temperature drops down and the tree goes up. It’s twinkling lights and jingle bells. It’s when children across the globe hang their stockings and carefully pen their wish list. It can be a magical time of the year. But, for families struggling financially, Christmas can also be an [...]

‘TWAS THE WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS2018-12-19T10:26:15-05:00


Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas serves families in need over a half a million times each year. This wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of over 1,600 volunteers each month. Our volunteers not only provide a much-needed extra pair of hands, but they allow our agency on a whole to offer compassionate services to people [...]



Employees at Creative Planning, Inc. are used to helping others prepare for their financial future. But Saturday, November 17, they put aside the calculators and portfolios to help others prepare for Thanksgiving -- by making sure they have food on their table. Led by Peter and Veronica Mallouk, the wealth management company generously donated 500 [...]


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: New TurnStyles Thrift Store Opens!

You’ve heard the saying: good things come in threes. TurnStyles Thrift, a ministry of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, is counting on that with the opening of its third store at 5304 Martway in Mission, Kansas. Unlike the two Overland Park locations, the new store exclusively offers clothing and accessories such as shoes, scarves and [...]

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: New TurnStyles Thrift Store Opens!2018-11-16T13:56:04-05:00

AT&T Supports Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas with Funding and Volunteer Hours

$5,000 Contribution and 400 Service Hours from AT&T Pioneers Will Support Books, Food, and Clothes for Rural Areas KANSAS CITY, Kan., Nov. 2, 2018 — AT&T Pioneers is contributing $5,000 to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. The funds will be used to stock the organization’s two Mobile Resource buses with books, food, and clothing for [...]

AT&T Supports Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas with Funding and Volunteer Hours2018-11-14T17:15:04-05:00

Catholic Charities Resource Bus Brings Hope to Rural Communities

by Jan Dixon Special to The Leaven MOUND CITY — Neighbors helping neighbors. That’s what was happening when the Catholic Charities Resource Bus parked in the lot of Sacred Heart Parish here recently. And it’s what happens every Tuesday and Thursday when the Resource Bus takes goods and services to the rural communities of the [...]

Catholic Charities Resource Bus Brings Hope to Rural Communities2018-10-15T11:10:02-05:00