In April we started receiving Foster Grandparents’ evaluations from local elementary teachers.  Here’s a few of their comments:

  • “Mr. Waters is a wonderful help in my classroom!”
  • “Grandma Barbara is such an asset to the preschool classroom and the KCKCC Campus Child Care Center.”
  • “Grandma Mary King is amazing, she is very caring & loving to the children, we wouldn’t what we would do without our grandma, we love her BUNCHES!”
  • “We love having Grandma in our classroom. I would love to have her back again next year.”
  • “Grandma Carol is adored by every child in the classroom – she makes coming to school exiting and makes every child feel loved and special.”
  • “Grandpa Joe is such a great role model for our kids. So energetic and caring. Thank you!”
  • “We can’t get enough of Grandma Sue! She is the best hugger and the kids love how she tells stories of the ‘good ole day’ without computers, TVs or cell phones.”
  • “The kids just love Grandpa Tyrone! He helps quiz the kids on spelling and shares stories from his time in Korea.”