COVID-19 has affected many things, including the cancellation of our volunteer appreciation events. However, this pandemic will not stop us from thanking those who are helping us serve during this challenging time.

A note from our Volunteer Coordinators Cari Olberding and Hope Thompson:
We never fully realized the amount of hard work and heart that our volunteers put into their service each and every day. This past month working on the front lines, we have gained an even greater appreciation for the amazing work our volunteers do day in and day out. It can be physically and emotionally demanding, and we are truly grateful for ALL of our Catholic Charities volunteers. We could not do the work that we do without the support from our volunteers, whether that be donating their time, talent or treasures. We are so lucky at this Agency to have volunteers who care for one another and have a servant heart to serve those in need. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful work you continue to do – no matter what challenges we may face!