Hope Hero Shout Out!

Parishioners from St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church celebrated their Parish Serve Day by donating their time and service to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.

Many hands made light the work as volunteers gathered at Hope Distribution Center to help sort food donations and prepare the inventory for distribution to each of our eight food pantries. Categorizing the food within the warehouse helps track the surplus and shortages of each food type.

Parishioners also rolled up their sleeves and assisted at TurnStyles where they received and prepared donations for the sales floor.

“Volunteers are vital to the work we do at Catholic Charities and we are so blessed to have their help,” said Camille Pickhinke, Parish and Community Outreach Coordinator for Catholic Charities. “Every volunteer and every task matters. In essence, volunteers help us get the donations we receive out the doors of Catholic Charities and into the hands of our neighbors in need quicker.”