Nora came into one of our Emergency Assistance Centers (EAC) needing our help.  She had worked as a home health aide, but was unemployed because the person she was taking care of had recently died.  A diabetic with hypertension, Nora was unable to purchase the medication she needed to stay healthy.

In fact, she had gone without her medications for over a month, putting her health at risk. Our Community Health Services lead quickly helped her get the prescriptions she needed filled and the diabetes supplies she was out of purchased. While talking to her, we also discovered that she didn’t have any food to eat. We connected Nora with our food pantry.  To assist with her job search, we referred her to the Bishop Sullivan Center.  A few days later, Nora stopped by to share her good news. With our help, she found a new job, had healthy food on her shelves and was back on her diabetes and blood pressure medication.

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