Alessia, a Napoli interpreter, gave birth to a stillborn baby boy at nine months gestation. She had not received proper prenatal care.

She began working with our Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI) team in our Wyandotte County office as an interpreter. As part of the PMI program, staff provides free, monthly pre-natal monitoring, parenting support, community referrals and post-delivery follow-up. This was not easy for Alessia as she was suffering the pain and depression of losing her first son. She’s done a great job, however, stepping up and interpreting with a couple of the refugee PMI clients. Recently, she came to us with very exciting news – she’s expecting another baby! She wants to be a part of the PMI program and follow what she has heard our nurse discuss with those we serve. She has made her first OB appointment, plans to get the care she needs this pregnancy, follow PMI instructions regarding health and wellness for Mom and baby, and is applying for Medicaid. With the help of PMI Alessia will have a healthy baby in the near future.