Mary is a bus driver and only receives steady income during the school year. A Program Specialist has been working with her for the last 7 months through our Family Financial Transformations™ Program. Mary is also receiving housing assistance through Catholic Charities. At the beginning of the program, Mary was not able to pay any of her bills. This was especially challenging since she has guardianship of her two grandchildren.  Since working with Mary, she has received food stamps, KanCare, and daycare assistance for both grandchildren. With her grandchildren now going to childcare, she is able to work more hours because she doesn’t have to turn down bus routes. Catholic Charities was able to provide school supplies for her grandchildren and clothing vouchers from TurnStyles to get some clothes to start school.  Mary recently got a raise and will be able to use that money towards paying her rent. This month is the first month she has been able to pay half of her rent and plans to pay more next month. Now that she is making more money, the Program Specialist and Mary will be able to sit down and come up with a plan for paying her full rent within the next couple of months. Catholic Charities has helped put Mary on the Section 8 list for the future. Mary has come a long way since she sought assistance from Catholic Charities but has finally felt like she has come to a place that she can become financially stable.