We had an adoption finalize recently.  While every adoption finalization is a hope story of God’s divine intervention, God’s grace and beauty, and God’s love for all his children including adults and children; this adoption was no different.  The timing of how the couple, birthmother, and child met was quick.  The turnaround time was extremely fast.  It was a call from the hospital and part of the adoptive family was out of state on vacation so plane rides, situating the care of other children, and late nights to purchase baby items were all part of the story.  However, no one cared. They were just grateful and blessed to be able to adopt their child.  The immediate love, connection, and bond with the adoptive mother and child was amazing.  The once stressful details and possible situations with birthparents was no longer stressful or painful.  Things went smoothly and God guided the connections between the birthmother and adoptive couple.  There are no words to describe the amount of love that both families have for this little child.  This child is blessed and we are grateful for each individual person who loves this child.