Helping Break the Cycle of Debt

Nearing the end of his career as an accountant, Vince Nowak was searching for a way to use his professional skills to give back. He found it as a mentor for the Family Financial Transformations™ program. The strengthening program is offered by Catholic Charites of Northeast Kansas in partnership with CommunityAmerica Credit Union Foundation. Mentors are matched to participants who have completed intensive budget coaching and financial classroom instruction. They meet monthly over a nine month period so the mentor can provide ongoing financial guidance while the participant continues to meet with a Catholic Charities’ case manager.

Vince’s wife, Linda, who had taught nursing for years and who had a real knack for sticking to the budget, joined him as
a mentor. “I’m good at looking at the big financial picture, while Linda is really good at offering practical, money-saving tips,” says Vince. The Nowaks highly recommend others consider becoming mentors. “We’ve gotten almost more out of it than the participants,” adds Linda. “It feels like you’re really helping someone as you see them progress and manage their finances in a way that’s positively impacting their lives.”

Adds Vince, “Mentors don’t have to have expert financial skills. They just have to share life experiences with managing their finances.” Learn more about becoming a financial education mentor on our Volunteer page.