Brigid’s Hope Story: Understanding Spending Leaks

Hi, I’m Brigid.

I entered the Kansas Loan Pool Project (KLPP) program last winter. I had been struggling with my payday loan as well as other expenses as a single mother of three boys, and my bank account was consistently negative every single month.

Once I entered the program and started working with my Catholic Charities’ case manager, I still struggled with overdrawing my account each month but I started learning how I was supposed to budget. I had fallen behind on so many bills that I was consistently late on nearly every bill I had, and I couldn’t seem to catch up. The local rental store’s payment for a washer and dryer was only making my problem worse. It kinda looked hopeless. I definitely felt overwhelmed but my case manager did not give up on me.

My case manager and I spent several months working on an intense and detailed budget. With my case manager’s guidance, I was able to see that if I was especially frugal and intentional with my money for a couple of months, I could slowly get back on track. The first month or two was difficult and I still had a negative bank account at times. But after five months of painstakingly changing my habits – paying extra attention to all my spending leaks – and watching every dime, I have not had a negative balance for two months, I no longer owe any money to the rental store, and I’m on time with all of my bills. I have three more months in the KLPP program and continue to meet with my case manager regularly and make financial improvements including now I have a savings account.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.