John, a single father of two came to one of our Family Support Centers for assistance after being laid off from his job because of COVID-19.

He stated that this summer would be difficult for his family. Since John is not working, he is unable to provide for childcare, and is unsure how he will be able to feed his children. John had used his savings and the stimulus check to pay the majority of his bills.

A case manager was able to help John in the following ways; apply for food stamps to help feed his children, COVID-19 assistance funds to help pay the remaining balance of his bills, show John the tools and links to file for unemployment, and to give John job referral and resources.

John came back the next week stating that he was approved for food stamps . John shared that this was a major relief for him. John also shared that he has put in a job application and has also filed for unemployment benefits.

Thank you to the Walmart Foundation! Through a grant provided by Catholic Charities USA the Walmart Foundation helps support our efforts providing SNAP to our neighbors in need.