COVID-19 has created more than enough problems, but food stamp applications have been an exception. Although our agency has not been able to complete in-person SNAP applications due to the coronavirus, we have not stopped advocating for clients! Informational fliers containing SNAP program updates have gone out with every food pantry bag, and we’ve provided over 13,000 instances of food assistance during the pandemic.

We are SNAP advocates!

A housing client received a letter stating her SNAP benefits were expiring, but COVID-19 was negatively impacting her finances, and she needed help affording groceries. So we reached out to DCF to clarify her case, and we were able to provide her with the support she needed. Although the coronavirus has put a strain on our ability to be with our clients in-person, we are proud to support and connect with them from a safe distance.

With the help from a grant provided by Catholic Charities USA and funded by the Walmart foundation, we are able to provide SNAP assistance to our neighbors in need throughout these difficult times.