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Walmart Foundation Grant Helps with Distribution of Healthy Food

Walmart Grant

The Walmart Foundation awarded Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas a 2015 State Giving grant of $43,736.  A total of $450,000 was distributed to 12 nonprofits in Kansas to support vital local programs.

“We are humbled by the grant received from the Walmart State Giving Program,” said Ken Williams, CEO, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.

Grant funds will augment the agency’s ability to equitably distribute food, particularly healthy food and produce items, to the agency’s nine food pantries, meeting the most agency’s nine food pantries, meeting the most basic needs of 186,250 Kansans facing food insecurity.

These funds will also be used to support Catholic Charities’ New Roots for Refugees program, where produce grown by refugee farmers will be “purchased” and distributed via the agency’s food pantries, increasing the availability of healthy food while supporting refugees on their pathway to self-sufficiency.

Twice a year, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation look for organizations in Kansas that significantly address the communities’ needs.

“At Walmart, we recognize the importance of supporting organizations that make a profound impact in the communities we serve,” said Annemarie Browning, Walmart regional general manager. “Through our partnerships with nonprofit organizations across the state, we are able to address issues such as hunger and economic opportunity to make a lasting impact on Kansas residents.”

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