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Trina’s Hope Story: Neighborly Love

Trina watching her grandson

Trina was referred to one of our local Emergency Assistance Centers (EACs) by her landlord who had remembered us from working with us in the past with another tenant. Trina’s husband, Kevin, was retired from the army and his retirement was the sole income for their household.

Trina had been a stay-at-home mom and then became a stay-at-home grandmother helping to care for her four grandchildren. Kevin and Trina had lived in their apartment for over 10 years and were beloved by the tenants as well as by the apartment manager and owner. They were constantly looking out for their neighbors, extending support and service.

In December, Trina’s husband passed away in their apartment. The entire apartment complex felt the loss and mourned his absence. Of course no one felt it more than Trina. On top of the loss, she was now alarmed and panicked because without her husband’s income she was unable to pay her rent for January and February. She knew nothing about their finances because Kevin had always taken care of everything. The apartment manager had such respect for Catholic Charities and his experience with us, especially how we look for all avenues to assist and support, that he called us directly on Trina’s behalf.

With the help of a grant, Catholic Charities was able to pay Trina’s January and February rent so she would not lose her apartment. Then we were able to get her kitchen stocked with some food from our local food pantry. During that time, her daughter was able to help her with setting up other financial arrangements for the future so Trina can make her monthly rent without issue.

Trina continues to find joy in watching her four grandchildren during the week and teaching them to help others. They now volunteer at the Catholic Charities’ local food pantry. She shared how grateful she is for Catholic Charities and how she wants her grandchildren to understand the importance of giving back.

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