Since the start of COVID-19, our Family Support Center (FSC) staff in Topeka has witnessed the community coming together to serve those in need.
“We are very grateful to all our volunteers who have continued to serve, as well as new ones brought to us by unfortunate circumstances of their own,” says Kristine Hammes, Manager. “A couple of elective surgery nurses were laid off but were still willing to pitch in a helping hand until work calls them back to duty.”
Community members also answered the call so that pantry shelves would not go bare. Most Pure Heart of Mary parish broke their own previous record of donating 1,200 lbs. of food gathered during their monthly drive – to collecting over 7,100 lbs. of food during a three-hour food drive!
In addition to participating in area food drives, some supporters came personally to the FSC bearing gifts of food, hygiene, diapers and more. Others sent financial donations, along with notes of encouragement and support. The sewing circle at Christ the King parish sewed more than 160 masks for Catholic Charities’ staff and volunteers to wear in the food pantry and other ministries.
“Above all what warmed the heart most was to hear the many ‘thank you’s’ and ‘so glad you are out here doing this’ from all those who are grateful to utilize our pantry, including many new faces who are maybe experiencing food insecurity for the first time,” says Kristine, adding, “Together, we will endure and get through this!”