Hope Hero Shout Out!

Seven years ago, a group of women gathered together. Their mission: To help refugees in our community.

From that meeting, their passion and commitment led to the birth of The Gathering, a ladies’ event held each Fall to celebrate the New Roots for Refugees farmers and their season’s harvest.

This year’s Gathering event was held on October 1 with more than 120 guests in attendance. Meredith Walrafen, New Roots for Refugees Program Manager, gave a brief update about the future expansion plans of the program and partygoers were able to purchase fresh produce from the New Roots farmer’s bountiful harvest.

Nearly $134,000! That’s the amount The Gathering event has raised since its inception. All proceeds from The Gathering support the New Roots for Refugee program, a ministry of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.

Thanks to the dedication of The Gathering committee members and the generous support of the attendees and sponsors, the News Roots for Refugees program continues to thrive.

To learn more about the New Roots for Refugees program or The Gathering event: