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SJA CANstruction- Hope Hero Shout Out!

May the best CANstruction win! Competitive spirit was in the air to see which community from St. James Academy could build the best CANstruction.

Since 2005 St. James Academy has supported Catholic Charities with a food drive, and has helped benefit our food pantries. Although throughout this past year there has been many challenges, St. James knew it was important to continue their CANstruction event because the need is greater. Katie Walters, Theology Teacher, Director of Community, said, “Catholic Charities depends on these drives to help the poor and vulnerable in our city and it’s a gift to be able to help them stock their shelves. Taking care of each other is what we’re called to do.”

CANstruction allows students to get creative and develop structures out of canned goods. As they compete they earn points that go towards their year-long competition for the Thunder Cup. Our Parish, School, and Community Outreach Coordinator, Annette Bentzinger said, “The excitement and creativity of the CanStruction event is an entertaining way for the students to have fun while supporting our neighbors in need.”

This month the event collected over 15,000 pounds of food! This helps provide in a big way to Catholic Charities with the top 10 most needed items in our food pantries. “Catholic Charities remains committed to their mission of taking care of those in need and does so at an impressive magnitude. With the many locations and types of services they offer, they do so much good to bridge the gaps that many people face,” said Walters.

We are so blessed to have Saint James give back to Catholic Charities and help us fill our food pantry shelves. Their donations will help make an impact on those we serve.


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