Shawnee Mission Medical Center referred a homeless patient, Sebastian, to our Catholic Community Hospice.  The hospice team worked closely with Catholic Charities VP of Operations, Kim Brabits, and her team, and found a room for him at Shalom House, our men’s shelter.  Sebastian could barely walk due to swelling in his legs and needed some assistance once he moved in. Shalom House residents jumped right in to help. It was wonderful to see these men come together and care for him!  After about 3 weeks, we transferred him to Villa St. Francis, a Catholic nursing facility, where he thrived. Also, we helped facilitate a re connection between his  ex-wife and daughter — which meant so much to all of them.  Once his health started improving, he “graduated” from hospice and moved into a Catholic Charities Olathe   rapid relocation apartment. We successfully helped him with the appeal for his disability income.  Recently, Sebastian passed away peacefully with his family surrounding him.  Sebastian’s Story is a true “hope” story for Catholic Community Hospice and Catholic Charities – our family of staff, volunteers, agency partners and people we serve. We came together to help minister to Sebastian and gave him many quality of life moments, including time to mend his relationships with his family over this past year. How blessed we are!