Looking for some ways that you can help locally with the Afghanistan humanitarian crisis?
Housing for refugees is an area of greatest need. If you are a landlord or are aware of available apartments or houses, please reach out. We are also in need of:
  • household donations
  • financial donations
  • medical care
  • legal assistance
  • volunteers
Contact us at refugees@catholiccharitiesks.org if you can assist with housing or other needs, to schedule the donation drop off of household items, or to learn more about volunteer opportunities.


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has asked Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas to help in the resettlement of Afghani citizens. There are two different types of Afghani “cases”, those with a special immigrant visa (SIV) and those labeled “evacuees” seeking asylum due to the crisis. SIV families have permanent status and are able to participate in programs like temporary assistance for needy families, food stamps, etc., as they begin building a new life in the United States. Those seeking asylum receive one-time “welcome money” of roughly $1,200, but are not eligible to participate in governmental programs like those with permanent status. This makes our asylum seekers even more in need of support from agencies like ours. We will be resettling both in our area.


More information is available here if you are interested in assisting in our mission to “Welcome the Stranger Among Us.”