From one of our case managers…

Rachel came to one of our Emergency Assistance Centers (EACs) to shop at our Food Pantry. She had noticeable bruises on her face and was struggling to make eye contact. I invited her into my office and I asked her if she was okay.

She revealed to me that she had a broken eye socket from a domestic violence episode and had just recently escaped from a violent relationship. Rachel had been living in a different county with her boyfriend and was pregnant. She moved back to our area to stay with her family for her and her baby’s safety.

We did case management to identify some of Rachel’s obstacles and goals, and discussed some local resources that could help her. Over the next few weeks, Rachel came in several times for more case management. She is now receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) assistance, counseling, medical care, has several job applications in, and is about to move into a new apartment. We helped her obtain baby furniture and clothing.

Rachel’s bruises have healed and she has found her smile again. Instead of despair, she is looking forward to the birth of her baby and has found new hope.