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Laura is the mother of five children. Her husband is currently incarcerated and is not due to be released for at least two years.

She had a hard time keeping up with bills while trying to juggle a job and taking care of her kids. She ended up losing her job because her car had broken down and she did not have the money to get it fixed. Then she and the children were evicted from their home. There were no family members for her to turn to that could help her and her children.

She talked to a friend and was able to get their permission to allow them to sleep on the floor for a while. It was a tight fit and needless to say it was not a comfortable living arrangement. The children were frightened and sad most of the time. Eventually they had to leave because her friends were being threatened with an eviction due to Laura and her children staying there.

Laura came to us for help in finding a home for her and her family. She wasn’t sure we would be able to help her as she wasn’t Catholic. Our case manager explained to her that we welcome all and serve all. Laura was relieved. She shared that she had just landed a job at a convenience store and was hoping to get into economical housing.

We were able to use our housing grant and pay for her deposit and her first month’s rent. We helped her apply for assistance from several other agencies for affordable childcare, utility rebates and clothing for her and her children. We were also able to look up several job openings for Laura to consider that paid a higher wage than the convenience store. Then we helped her with her resume so she can pursue those other employment opportunities.

Last week, Laura came back to see us after she moved into her new home. She shopped at our food pantry and selected healthy food and fresh produce to take to her family. Laura starts a new job close to her kids’ school and daycare next week. She told us that she and her children are a lot happier and more relaxed now knowing they have a place and will continue to have a place to call home in a very welcoming neighborhood. They are settling in with routines and loving the community they are now a part of. They are more hopeful than they have been in a very long time.

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