My name is Janet and I’m married to Mic, and this is our hope story.

We came to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas because we were homeless and staying in a local shelter. We were from out of state and searching for employment and housing. The shelter suggested we contact Catholic Charities for assistance.

I’m 50 years old and I’m blind due to a stoke I suffered a few years ago. I experience seizures so I’m on disability. Mic recently recovered from an accident and is finally cleared to seek employment. We did not know the city very well and our Catholic Charities’ case manager made sure we had a list of all the resources available in the area. Our case manager gave us the names and phone numbers for several area agencies. When we found out that our case manager would like to help Mic with his resume and his job search, I became very emotional and cried. I shared with her that we had never been offered that kind of assistance before. I said, “Catholic Charities goes to deeper level of support and encouragement than most places.”

Our case manager was also able to find us an affordable apartment and assist with our deposit and first month’s rent. We shopped at the Catholic Charities’ food pantry. For the first time in a long time, we felt welcomed. I shared with our case manager that I’m praying for Catholic Charities every night!