Ted, age 96, and Betty, age 95, are a married couple currently living in an assisted living facility.  They had no children of their own and have buried all of their siblings. They have no relatives in the area.

For several years now they have been visited by a much younger married couple, A.J. and Julie Santoro.  In Betty’s words “We wouldn’t know what we would do without A.J. and Julie.”  Two year ago, when Ted and Betty made the decision to move to assisted living the Santoro family helped.  The foursome enjoys meals together along with games of Trivia Pursuit. Julie calls to check on Ted and Betty weekly, takes them to doctor appointments and shopping.

What started as a volunteer experience for the Santoros has turned into a gratifying, lasting and mutually fulfilling friendship.   All four lives have been enriched and blessed because of the Friendly Visitors program.

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