Beulah Carrington of Topeka has never let her own disability get in the way of helping others. One of Catholic Charities’ Friendly Visitors for 22 years now, Carrington is pictured above in her Topeka home calling one of her clients. Seven days a week, she has provided them with companionship, support and, sometimes, reminders to take their medications. LEAVEN PHOTO BY JAY SOLDNER

by Olivia Martin


Starting out was a bit awkward.

Sophia Moreau had never met the two women she was visiting before, but she found herself sitting in their living room for an hour just chatting.

They talked about everything from the events of their day to doctor’s appointments and Netflix shows.

And the next week, she visited them again. And the week after that.

Now, she’s been visiting them once a week for three years, rain or shine.

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