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Support Services and Case Management for Refugees

Helping refugees transition to life in Kansas

A Path Towards Stability

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas case management services evaluate a refugee’s individual situation and coordinate the support that is needed to help build their life back up. Our thoughtfully-curated case management services deliver the tools needed for refugees to regain financial stability, renew their confidence and successfully integrate into American culture.

Support Services and Case Management Programs

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas’ Refugee Case Management services include the following:

Refugee Reception & Placement

Welcoming new refugees by providing initial intake and assistance
Our case managers are responsible for coordinating a refugee’s early integration into life in America.

Refugee Health & Benefits

Navigating health and benefits for a brighter future
Our health and benefit services help refugees navigate their physical and financial wellbeing.

Ongoing Case Management for Refugees

Providing refugees assistance and support
Our comprehensive, ongoing case management ensures a refugee is set up for lasting success.

Cultural Orientation for Refugees

Helping refugees assimilate to American life
We provide class workshops that cover vital knowledge and skills needed to live in the U.S.

  FAST FACTS: 2023

  • 852 Refugees

    852 refugees, including 243 who fled Afghanistan during the humanitarian crisis and 129 Ukrainians fleeing war, were welcomed and resettled.

  • 13,907 Hours

    Refugees received 13,907 hours of case management and other services including employment support, English language and citizenship prep classes.

  • 193 Future Citizens

    193 students took the first steps to become a U.S. citizen by participating in our citizenship preparation classes.

  • 116 Employees

    116 refugees received employment support, with full-time job placements earning an average wage of $16.80/hr.

Why Case Management Matters

Due to persecution or war, a refugee must flee his or her homeland. When a refugee arrives in the U.S., very little comes with them. Refugees leave behind homes, families, jobs and most of their belongings. In addition to losing the life they once knew, this sudden evacuation can leave behind triggering memories and lasting trauma. Our Case Management services help refugees acclimate to their new home while navigating these significant life changes.

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