Recently we had a birth mother, Ashley, who approached us about placing her baby for adoption. She struggles financially with raising her other children, and had placed one of her children with one of our adoptive couples in the past.

Ashley called to say that she feels very comfortable working with Catholic Charities, and knows we will be honest and supportive of her. She added that if she could place her baby with the parents from her previous adoption placement, she would be open to that. We discussed Ashley’s request with the couple. They decided to open their hearts to the sibling of their child and have Ashley place this child with their family.

Ashley was thankful and shared, “It will be a lot easier, knowing that this family wants the baby, and the baby will know his/her sibling. Honestly, I don’t know if I could go through with the adoption if it hadn’t been for working with Catholic Charities, and knowing the couple and how good they will love and treat this baby.”