Since 1956, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas has provided Adoption services as a state-licensed child placing agency. We work with expectant mothers and married couples to place babies with their forever families. This fiscal year, 17 families connected with our dedicated team of experienced staff to enroll in the program. 

Couples living within our 21-county service area are able to be considered for the Adoption program. Both potential parents must be at least 21 years old and married for a minimum of one year. To qualify, women must have previously experienced infertility or a pre-existing medical condition that would recommend against pregnancy.

Couples begin the process of adoption by learning more about program guidelines, fees, and the adoption schedule. If approved during an initial phone consultation and assessment, the couple will then attend an in-person meeting to review the program’s philosophy. After completing an online application, providing a state-licensed form of ID, and submitting a non-refundable $350 application fee, a home study process commences.

The home study process is extensive, consisting of online workshops, one-on-one interviews, reference and background checks, and an in-home visit. The process typically lasts around eight to 12 weeks but is dependent on the couple’s motivation. Once the study is completed and a couple is approved, their information will be shared with expectant mothers who will then select a family for her child. Children are able to be placed with a family up to six months of age. Once a woman has selected a family for her child, we continue to monitor the family once a month until the adoption is finalized. 

“It takes around one to two years from when an adoptive family is home study approved to when an adoption takes place. This process has also extended some, since the pandemic, so we are unable to guarantee a concrete timeline.” 

— Heather Roberts, LMSW, Manager of Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling

Kansas is an open-adoption state, and at Catholic Charities we believe that children are best served by preserving a connection to the family of origin. Once a child turns 18, they are able to request a copy of their original birth certificate with the state of Kansas. Catholic Charities is able to provide information that pertains to his/her birth parent(s) based on the releases to share information. For more information about our Adoption program please call 913.433.2063 or email