Having daily access to ample, nutritious food is something many of us take for granted. We so frequently will wake up, get ourselves ready for a day of busy-ness, and actively choose to forgo breakfast because we know a filling lunch is only a few hours away, with a substantial dinner to follow. For many children and adults in our 21 county service area, however, having access to even one daily meal is a luxury that is not guaranteed.
August marked the end of the 2019 Kids Summer Food Program, which resulted in over 12,000 meals being served to children and adults who may have not had access to any other food during the summer months. The program targets children who utilize the free and reduced-price lunch programs throughout the school year; however, the Summer Food Program serves food to any child, regardless of need.
Through the Summer Food Program, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas is able to serve and provide some relief in communities not typically supported by social services programs.

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