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Saul’s Hope Story: We’re in This Together

Resource Bus Emergency Assistance
The Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas Resource Bus helps Saul
The best part about being a Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas case manager on one of our Resource Buses is meeting new people each and every time the bus goes out to counties our Emergency Assistance Centers (EAC) can’t serve. On the flip side, another highlight is getting to see some of the same individuals we serve each month when we deliver food.
In many of the rural towns, our case manager delivers food to elderly and disabled folks. While handing out food items, our case manager has a chance to catch up with each of the individuals we serve to check in with them and see if they have any new needs that we, or a partner agency, might be able to help with.
It was during one such visit that our case manager checked in on an elder neighbor, Saul.
Saul is in his 80s with many health issues and ongoing case management is vital. In fact, without our assistance Saul would most likely become homeless.
The case manager has met with Saul’s neighbors as well as the Housing Authority Manager to help keep an eye on him to make sure he is safe, cared for and to make sure he has a place to call home. Saul shared, “My neighbors and my Catholic Charities’ friends are like family. They watch over me.”
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