When the students and faculty of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School woke up on March 12, they had no idea it would be the last day of the school year.
When the staff at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas showed up to help the students with their first all-school serve day, they had no clue it would be the last School Serve Day of the academic year.
In the days that would follow, the plans these students had put into place months ago to “be the light” to others certainly came to light. Neither staff nor students knew what an incredible difference they were about to make.
To prepare for their serve day, the school held a carnival earlier in the year to raise money to purchase items that would be used.
Over 400 students, grades K-8th, and staff participated in the serve day. Each grade completed a project with a short lesson on what the gospel of Matthew 25 says we are called to do. Each project also included information on how their donations helps benefit one of Catholic Charities’ ministries and why it is necessary.
Some of the projects included bagging food and other essentials for those that come to the Family Support Centers at Catholic Charities. Students also assembled 102 bags of necessary items for those who are experiencing homelessness. But, no one could have predicted the value and timeliness of need for the 90 “Sniffle” bags and the 104 first aid kits–which included a thermometer–for the health of our neighbors in need.
“We are so grateful to the students, faculty and staff at Sacred Heart for hosting their very first Catholic Charities’ serve day and helping neighbors in need,” said Annette Bentzinger, Parish, School and Community Outreach Coordinator for Catholic Charities. “They made a difference at the exact right time. Thank you for being the light!”
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