After 11 years, New Roots for Refugees has outgrown its space at Juniper Gardens. Soon, it will move to a new spacious location which will allow for program expansion, employment opportunities and an increase in volunteer engagement.

The new site, which is being leased by Catholic Charities, is owned by the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. It is located adjacent to Providence Medical Center, and includes 50 acres.

The additional land will offer numerous benefits to the farmers. It will allow them the ability to diversify their products and move into larger scale productions. “Many have expertise in perennial fruit and vegetables, small livestock as well as other revenue streams including herbs, flowers and fish,” says Meredith Walrafen, Program Manager. “It will offer low-income farmers the opportunity to grow independent businesses that will support their families.”

Walrafen and her team are especially excited about the new opportunities that they will have to engage with the community. She says, “We want to offer program tours and work with the schools to offer learning experiences for children. We want our New Roots farm to be a place to celebrate community.”