Frank and Maria’s Hope Story: Self-Sufficiency Success

Frank and Maria first came to one of our Emergency Assistance Center’s because they were living
in their car. A friend had told them that Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas might be able to help them. Maria wasn’t able to work due to an illness and had filed for disability but was denied. Frank was working day labor jobs, but many of the temp firms did not have any work for him. Before staying in their car, they were residing in a motel for about a year and a half.

They ended up in their car because they ran out of money. After meeting with Frank and Maria, our case manager was able to get them connected with the local county mental health crisis team. We were also able to get them a couple of nights stay at a motel through various donations, so that they would not have to sleep in the cold. We assisted them in repairing their car and we were also able to provide them with weekly food, clothing and blankets.

Frank and Maria were approved for an apartment two months after we started working with them. Our case manager assisted with locating and inspecting the couple’s new home. They enrolled in our financial education classes, we helped Frank through our employment services and he found a steady job. We partnered with a local church and our thrift store, TurnStyles, to help furnish Frank and Maria’s apartment.

They are very grateful for all the assistance that they have received and wanted to pay it forward. Now they both volunteer at one of our food pantries.