A birth father, Dave, reached out to us. He wanted confirmation that someone who contacted him was actually his daughter he placed for adoption 40 years ago.

Dave felt in his heart that she was his daughter but he wanted to be sure. We walked Dave through the steps he’d need to take and he decided to come to our office to confirm his identity and fill out the required paperwork to re-open his files. Dave explained that he needed assurance – if he was going to open up, get his hopes up – that the adoptee was his daughter.

After confirming his identity, we were able to also confirm that the woman who had been in contact with him was actually his daughter. Dave was very excited, full of emotion, felt a sense of relief, and definitely shared tears of joy with our staff!

It was amazing to see this beautiful story of reconnection unfold. The adoptee, Mandy, reached out to our agency in the spring and received a copy of her adoption record. Then she started doing her own online search for her birth father. Mandy reached out to Dave, her birth father, on Facebook. Months later, Dave saw Mandy’s private message to him and they started talking.

Dave is excited to explore a relationship with his daughter, Mandy, however she wants it to be. We feel blessed to be a part of their reconnection journey!