Barbara and Steve are a couple in their 60s, and both are disabled. Steve was a social worker, but had to retire early due to heart disease. Barbara is a retired school teacher struggling with cancer. Together, they owe over $50,000 in medical fees, and are behind on those payments. They’ve tried to sell their house to pay those bills, but so far it’s not panning out for them.

They came to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas because they were about to have their electricity disconnected. Both require electricity for their medical equipment. They felt very uncomfortable and embarrassed to ask for help when they had spent a lifetime helping others. We assured them it was our pleasure to be of any kind of support or service to them. We were able to collaborate with another agency to get their entire electric bill paid, which was far more than what they had expected. They were elated.

We also were able to assist them by signing them up for Food Stamps. Then we took them through our pantry so they could go home with food that day. We asked them to visit with us every month when they come to the pantry so we can continue to be informed of how they are doing and to allow us to help with other resources, when needed. #hopestory