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Ami’s Hope Story: Couch Surfing No More

My name is Ami.

I am 18 years old and came to Catholic Charities last spring literally looking for shelter. You see I graduated high school in May, despite being homeless for the majority of my senior year. I couldn’t keep couch surfing at friends’ houses and sleeping in parks. I knew I needed a home to survive.

I’m an immigrant from Ghana and was removed from my father’s custody when I was only eight years old. I haven’t seen my mother in over 10 years since she still lives in Ghana, and I send money to my mother and siblings as frequently as I can. For months I was having a difficult time with keeping a job due to lack of transportation.

I’d find a job, but it would be too far away. Friends who promised to give rides would fall through, bus lines wouldn’t get me to the right area, and I would end up spending more money on Uber rides than I was making at work. I was frustrated and overwhelmed, especially as I started the process of applying to community college, figuring out my classes, books, and financial aid. I also had incredible difficulty sleeping due to anxiety and depression.

After meeting my Catholic Charities’ case manager and becoming part of their housing program, things started to change for me. I was getting a good night’s rest, I had a place to call home. I had peace and I had hope for my future. I started seeing a counselor. For the first time in a very long time, I had a support system.

I could breathe. I could plan.

Currently, I have a part time job at a tea and coffee shop just blocks from my apartment. I love saying those words – my apartment. I love my job and my supervisor is already trusting me with more responsibilities and talking about a raise! I’m enrolled full time at a local community college. I’ve figured out the bus route from my apartment to school and I’m saving money towards a car.

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas has been on this journey with me helping me stay the course. My case manager rocks! I have a counselor that comes to my apartment for appointments weekly and I’ve made consistent progress towards every goal I’ve set. Though anxiety creeps in on occasion, I have hope and I have a plan that I know I can achieve.

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