The challenges that many families experience today are similar to those that Mary and Joseph faced on their journey to Bethlehem. Families in need are searching for hospitality; someone to welcome them and treat them with love and dignity. They need help to feed, clothe and shelter their children. Most of all, they want the knowledge, skills and resources which will give them hope for a brighter future free from the chains of material poverty.

At Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, it is our mission to serve the most vulnerable of all faiths in our communities throughout the Archdiocese’s 21 counties. We offer programs, services and resources that truly strengthen families moving them beyond needing immediate assistance to self-sufficiency.

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity that abounds from our parishes, supporters, volunteers and community partners. Without you, carrying out this important work would be impossible.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.