St. Michael’s Students Pay-it-Forward

Check out this awesome story! St. Michael’s second graders participated in a classroom project to raise money for Catholic Charities. In addition, their teacher nominated Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas for FOX 4’s Pay-it- Forward segment. We are so thankful and blessed for St. Michael’s donation, and for nominating Catholic Charities!

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Snow Ball 2019 Program Highlight: St Rita Program

St. Rita works with Kansas City Kansas Community College’s Technical Education Center, assisting with enrollment. In addition, the participants must commit to attending sessions offered by St. Rita including intensive financial education classes. Professional skills training for job seeking, job retention and job success including full resume and application service, interview coaching and principles [...]

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Catholic Community Hospice: The Power of a Referral

 When a patient is referred to Catholic Community Hospice, it is for end-of-life care. However, that person’s care actually helps sustain life for local children, adults and seniors in need. Catholic Community Hospice is a ministry of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Unlike other hospice programs, funds generated help support 24 programs and services [...]

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A Seed of Hope

 How planned giving at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas can have both a short and long term impact on others and ourselves.

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Foster Grandparents Give and Get

Do you know anyone who would love being a "foster grandparent"? Check out this story on one of our AMAZING programs! For more information, go here>> KCTV5 Special thanks to KCTV5 and Alexis Del Cid.

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Watch: A Look into Aspire Cleaning Service

Aspire Cleaning Service, a social enterprise and ministry of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, is one of our social enterprises which is providing stable employment and above average wages to those with barriers to employment.

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WATCH: KSHB-TV Report on Kids Summer Food Program

OVERLAND PARK, KS - More than 42 million Americans live in what’s considered a food insecure household. That means at some point during the month, there will not be enough food to eat at home. That’s especially critical during the summer months since many children get their most nutritious meal while at school. Starting June 1, [...]

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