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Services for Older Refugees

Assisting refugees aged 60+

Support for Elderly Refugees

Case management and citizenship prep for older refugees

After seven years in the United States, refugees are no longer eligible for many public benefits if they do not become citizens. Most elderly refugees come to the U.S. with no educational background or literacy skills, and must pass an oral, reading and writing exam in English about U.S. civics and history in order to become citizens and retain public benefits. This program’s goal is to help elderly refugees reach the level of literacy and English skills they need to become American citizens.

Services for Older Refugees

  • Basic Literacy and English classes
  • Citizenship application assistance
  • Field trips to the Nelson Atkins Museum and WWI Museum
  • Social gatherings and potlucks
  • Case management services
  • Transportation assistance
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) application assistance
  • Medicaid and medical appointment assistance

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