January 16, 2021

Save the Date

January 16, 2021

47 years ago, a group of committed supporters didn’t let a snow storm stop them from supporting and celebrating the work of Catholic Charities Foundation of Northeast Kansas. That tradition continues.

Thank you to everyone who made last year's Snow Ball a success!

Snow Ball is more than just a celebration—it’s an opportunity to give HOPE to our neighbors in need. 



Snow Ball

Snow Ball Presidents
Karen and Craig Gaffney

Honorary Presidents
Susan and Ernie Straub, III

Give Hope

Due to COVID-19, many businesses have closed their doors, and many jobs have been lost. As more and more families are facing financial hardships, they are turning to Catholic Charities for help. 

Patron Gifts

Funds raised through Snow Ball enable us to help a local family in need every 60 seconds. We are so thankful for our amazing community support!


Learn more about the 46-year history of Catholic Charities’ annual Snow Ball and the impact it has had on our community.

Photo Gallery

View photos from the last several years of Snow Ball.

Giving Hope

Through our annual Snow Ball, Catholic Charities Foundation of Northeast Kansas raises 50% of all private donations.
These donations help fund our more than 20 programs across our 21-county service area.

Above: A child in Kansas City receives a box of food from Catholic Charities’ Kids Summer Food program.


Our Impact During COVID-19

During COVID-19, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas made a commitment to keep serving. Priorities were shifted to our food, housing and healthcare ministries. With our offices closed to the public, we offered drive-thru food distributions and accelerated our Kids Summer Food program to start months in advance; continued case management remotely; and conducted virtual financial classes. 

Special thanks to those who are generously donating their time and resources to make the 47th Annual Snow Ball a success. 

Craig and Karen Gaffney
Snow Ball Presidents

Mike and Jo Kuckelman
Immediate Past Presidents

Mark and Donna Teahan
Incoming Presidents

John and Mary Campbell
Patron Committee Chairs

Joe and Melissa Valenciano
Table Committee Chairs

Father Al Rockers
Pastoral Liaison

Mark and Sarah Fortino
St. Martin of Tours Co-Chairs

David and Mary Caffrey
St. Martin of Tours Co-Chairs

Donna Teahan
Reservations Committee Co-Chairs

Joane Wilkerson
Reservations Committee Co-Chair

Kim Belfield    

Nate and Kelly Bukaty  

Matt and Hilary Cindrich          

Dave and Lisa Ferro     

Michael and Diana Gates          

Jake Angela Gillen       

Emily Kearney 

Mike and Susan Lally    

Ellen McCarthy and Todd Peterson       

Jason and Torree Pederson      

Jonathan Twidwell      

Joe and Melissa Valenciano

Mike Brown

Mike and Maureen Bukaty

David Caffrey

John and Mary Campbell

Scott Campbell

David Cimpl and Laura Foley

Doug Ciocca

Marty Cole

Kent Crippin    

Chris Dierks

Neil and Fran Douthat  

Peggy Dunn     

Ed Elder

James Fitzpatrick         

Craig and Karen Gaffney           

Mike Gangel    

Larry Gates      

Charlie Haake  

Kenneth Hager

Daniel Heiman

Michael Hoehn

Bob Hoehn

Don Horine     

Nancy Jones

Don and Patty Kincaid  

Matthew Knopke

Mike and Jo Kuckelman

Mel Lavery

Gary Liebergen

Patrick  and Michele Lillis

Pat and Mel McAnany  

Bob McGannon

Kevin McGrew

David and Kelly Meiners

Ken and Nancy Mellard

Jack Newman  

Stephen and Kristine Penn       

Brian Perott

Tim Plank

Jay Reardon     

Bob Reintjes, Sr.

Kevin and Mary Ring    

Fr. Al Rockers  

Sam Sabaugh

Stephanie Schneider

Kevin Sears

James and Amy  Sullivan

Kyle Teahan

Richard Teahan

Paul Thompson

Tom Weiford

Mark Wilkerson

Ken Williams

Thank you to everyone who worked to make the 46th Annual Snow Ball on January 18, 2020 a huge success!

Last year, the event raised more than $3.1 million supporting Catholic Charities Foundation of Northeast Kansas. Read more.