January 18, 2020

Snow Ball is more than just a celebration—it’s an opportunity to give HOPE to our neighbors in need.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming 46th Annual Snow Ball on January 18, 2020!

Thank you to everyone who made last year's Snow Ball a success!


Snow Ball

Giving Hope

Through our annual Snow Ball, Catholic Charities Foundation of Northeast Kansas raises 50% of all private donations.
These donations help fund our more than 20 programs across our 21-county service area.

Thanks to the St. Rita program, Brent (right) graduated alongside his son


St. Rita's Program

Poverty is a difficult cycle to break. In some cases, further education can be the key—but adults returning to school face many obstacles. Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas’ St. Rita program helps students in all walks of life earn trade certifications in high-demand skilled professions and to find jobs with livable wages.


Venue & Details

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Overland Park Convention Center

6000 College Blvd,
Overland Park, KS 66211


Complimentary valet parking is available on the north side of the Overland Park Convention Center on 110th Street.

NO overnight parking allowed, unless staying in the Sheraton Hotel.

The Sheraton Hotel is connected to the Overland Park Convention Center. View rates and book rooms here.

Please contact Theresa Gaul at tgaul@catholiccharitiesks.org or 913.433.2068 to alert us of any important food allergies or restrictions.

Please contact our Event Coordinators at events@catholiccharitiesks.org or by calling 913.433.2068.

Special thanks to those who have generously donated their time and resources to make the 46th Annual Snow Ball a success. 

Mike and Jo Kuckelman
Snow Ball Presidents

Neil and Fran Watkins Douthat
Immediate Past Presidents

Craig and Karen Gaffney
Incoming Presidents

John and Mary Campbell
Patron Committee Chairs

Joe and Melissa Valenciano
Table Committee Chairs

Father Al Rockers
Pastoral Liaison

Mark and Sarah Fortino
St. Martin of Tours Co-Chairs

David and Mary Caffrey
St. Martin of Tours Co-Chairs

Donna Teahan
Reservations Committee Co-Chairs

Joane Wilkerson
Reservations Committee Co-Chair

Kim Belfield
Nate and Kelly Bukaty
Matt and Hilary Cindrich
Dave and Lisa Ferro
Mike and Diana Gates
Jake and Angela Gillen
Kristy Hane
Joe and Janice Kennedy
Scott Kincaid
Mike and Susan Lally
Tyson and Veronica Marrs
Ellen T. McCarthy and Todd Peterson
Bob Paredes
Jonathan Twidwell
Joe and Melissa Valenciano

Mike Brown
Stephanie Brown
Mike and Maureen Bukaty
Dave Caffrey
John and Mary Campbell
Scott Campbell
David Cimpl and Laura Foley
Doug Ciocca
Marty Cole
Kent Crippin
Mike Dahir
Chris Dierks
Neil and Fran Douthat
Peggy Dunn
Ed Elder
Jim Fitzpatrick
Craig Gaffney
Mike Gangel
Larry Gates
Jake and Angela Gillen
Charlie Haake

Ken Hager
Chris Hane
Dan Heiman
Michael R. Hoehn
Bob Hoehn
Don Horine
Daniel Hutchins
Nancy A Jones
Don and Patty Kincaid
Matt Knopke
Mike and Jo Kuckelman
Mel Lavery
Gary J Liebergen
Patrick and Michele Lillis
Pat and Mel McAnany
Bob McGannon
Kevin McGrew
Ken and Nancy Mellard
Jack Newman
Chris Nigro
Stephen and Kristine Penn
Brian Perott
Tim Plank
Jay Reardon
Bob Reintjes, Sr.
Jenny Rhodus
Kevin and Mary Ring
Reverend Al Rockers
Sam Sabaugh
Kevin and Lisa Sears
Jim and Amy Sullivan
Kyle Teahan
Rich Teahan
Paul and Mary Thompson
Tom Weiford
Zena Weist
Mark Wilkerson
Ken Williams