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Leavenworth Family Support Center

Leavenworth FSC2019-08-07T10:36:27-05:00

Need food or housing assistance? Get help here.

More than 11,000 people in Leavenworth County struggle to get enough food to eat.  At times, they’re forced to make difficult choices between feeding their families and paying their rent.

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas is here to help.  Our Leavenworth Family Support Center is available to low-income individuals and families who need food or assistance with basic utility payments, housing, clothing or medical prescriptions.

The help goes beyond meeting immediate needs.  An on-site case manager works to identify solutions and resources that will lead to long-term change.


Although Catholic Charities had been serving Leavenworth and the surrounding area, it was determined that an on-site Family Support Center (FSC) could more directly meet the communities’ needs. The Leavenworth EAC opened in 1974 in a building that formerly housed a convent.   Forty years later, the Sisters of Charity in Leavenworth collaborated with Catholic Charities to open a homeless shelter on the building’s second floor.  The Interfaith Shelter of Hope provides a safe place for men, women and families to sleep each night.

This past fiscal year, demand for services continued to grow in Leavenworth. We experienced a 10% increase in the number of unduplicated individuals served.  Food assistance increased 62% with the addition of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) for seniors. An extra box of healthy food is given each month to those 60+ who meet eligibility guidelines.  Household and personal items increased 85% while the distribution of gently used clothing grew by 58%.

We could not assist our neighbors in need without the support and generosity of  individuals, businesses, parishes and foundations who step up to organize food drives, make gifts-in-kind, volunteer in our food pantry and make financial contributions.  We are truly blessed.

Leavenworth FSC Address:
716 North 5th St.
Leavenworth, KS 66048


Call for an appointment to learn what you will need to bring with you to receive services.  All services are free and based on need – not religion, race or nationality.

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday – 8:30 am- 4:30 pm


This brochure in Adobe PDF format provides details about the Leavenworth Family Support Center that you can download.


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