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Volunteer with Community Sponsorship

Community Sponsor Volunteer

As a community sponsor volunteers have the option to work as a group or individually. Community Sponsors have the opportunity to support refugee families through one of the three sponsorship divisions

Division 1: Housing Helper – Collect donations of items used to set up a family’s home.
Housing Helpers participate in the set-up of the home and may welcome refugees at
the airport.

Division 2: Community Explorer – Fulfill all of the duties of a Level 1 sponsor.
Additionally, sponsors have the opportunity to take the family grocery and clothing
shopping upon their arrival. Sponsors will also attend a bus training and community
navigation session.

Division 3: Family Advocate/Mentor – Perform all of the duties of a Level 2 sponsor. Additionally, sponsors will provide support to refugee families as they navigate finding new employment and transportation. Sponsors will also provide support as families are
taken through educational courses, such as English classes and cultural orientation.

Age Range: