Vanessa’s Hope Story: Thank You

Hi, my name is Vanessa and this is my hope story…

I came to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas after I was evicted from my place. A relative, who was letting me stay with them temporarily, had a fire and the relative spent Red Cross assistance to meet her own needs. I was homeless and at a loss of where to begin.

My Catholic Charities case manager began helping me with a list of housing where one applies at the individual complexes for Section-8 subsidy. I was then on nominal government assistance, and was able to receive food from the Catholic Charities pantry and clothes from their clothing closet. My case manager also told me about the Catholic Charities’ VITA tax preparation site. My case manager found government funding to help me with part of the deposit on a new place to live. I also completed Catholic Charities’ Money Talk 101 class with the goal to get my expenses to match my income. I was so appreciative for everything Catholic Charities has done for me that I even sent my case manager a special thank you note.