SHOPTURNSTYLES ebay Store is volunteer run; all proceeds go directly to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas


TurnStyles would not be the success it is today without our incredibly loyal and passionate volunteers. Volunteers make up 95 percent of the operation of TurnStyles.


Catholic Charities has a team of about 30 volunteers who list and sell items on eBay. Their inventory comes from TurnStyles stores in Overland Park and Olathe. The TurnStyles ebay team was formed in 2006, now generating over $50,000 each year for Catholic Charities programs and services.

We are currently seeking groups interested in conducting treasure drives for our volunteers so that they can list and sell even more items! Won’t you help us? Generally if you like it, it should sell!

Below is additional information about what items are ideal candidates for ebay sales and how to start a Treasure Drive.

– Shippable – Generally, item must be able to fit into a box that is 130 inches in combined length and girth (girth is the distance around the thickest part of the package–50 inches X 20 inches X 20 inches) Weigh less than 30 pounds – an exception will require us to sell it locally on Craig’s List (smaller customer base) or ship it via FedEx or UPS (higher shipping cost will discourage buyers). – Appeal – Items having wide appeal – branded items – Unique – Items that appeal to a small and select customer base – collectibles
Generally if you like it, it should sell, especially these items: – Cameras – Musical Instruments – Cowboy boots – Tony Lama – Cowboy hats – Stetson – Watches – Old mechanical watches are desirable – Clocks – Antiques – China – Limoges – Crystal – Designer clothing – Branded shoes – Laptops – Pottery – Sculptures – Art – signed Prints, limited edition – Collectibles – Sports memorabilia
To start an ebay Treasure Drive to benefit the programs and services of Catholic Charities, contact Michelle Carlstedt, Director Volunteers. – Phone: 913-433-2080 – Email: